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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mimi's Wisdom - From Birth to College

My mother-in-law offered a lesson the day Preacher Child was born. (She couldn’t have known, but it was a mission statement - how Buzz would develop my character forevermore).

Mimi’s advice: "See that sweet little baby boy? He’ll teach you the balance of life. Daddy throws him up into the air; Mommy clasps her hands on her heart and says “Oh NO!” It’s the balance of life - helps kids grow up."

That was almost 23 years ago and Mimi was right. (Note: She’s Buzz’s mom; not King’s – proves her observation all-the-more universal.)

Here’s how her nugget of wisdom works when they’re too big to toss into the air:

(Dispelling Myth #2 – College is a very rude awakening)

King: In COLLEGE you’ll live on $3 a week and Ramen Noodles, like I did.
(Was Ramen invented in the 70’s? Anyone?)
Me: Honey – should we sign up for the 5 or 7-day meal plan?

King: In COLLEGE, you’ll stay up studying all night long. Did I tell you about the calculus class I took at U of F?
Me: Not all majors require calculus, only class I ever dropped. Don’t take it – not like you want to be a mechanical engineer.
(Note: Party/marketing & Preacher/psych took calculus, I tried.)

King: In COLLEGE, you’ll have to do everything by yourself! You’ll be on your own!!
Me: It will be so much fun in your dorm. You’ll make forever-friends from all over, while you pursue your dreams.

King: You need to LEARN these things – what if your car breaks down in COLLEGE? I won’t be able to help you out.
Me: Look what just came in the mail – your AAA card! Let’s pray you never have to use it.

The Truth –everyone works on their cars around our house, I mean...

"Look, King! No hands!" (Used with permission of Flower Child)

Trust me: Colleges are retirement homes for young people.
Your kids likely won’t miss your cooking, even if you’re fairly reputable. (God bless Pioneer Woman and her Au Gratin Potatoes that saved my Christmas last year, but she can take me on in a few years if I'm wrong: the kids are too busy having fun and studying to miss your cooking.)

The Meal plan is usually excellent, if not – student cards work at local Domino’s, Subway, Chick-fil-A,… on or near campus.

They have access to gyms, (Student Wellness Centers). There are programs such as traveling Frisbee teams they can do for practically free.
(Advice: funded by student activity fees that you pay – be sure your student gets your money’s worth!) They make loads of new friends.

We’re pretty sure they don’t even miss us!

Could I go back to college?


  1. Hmmmm....that is a good question...going back to college.

    Btw, thanks for approving my request for friendship in VB

    Am now following your blog

    have a nice day!


  2. fiance child identifies more with King, what is this college you speak of?

  3. I'm following your blog.

    Judging from what you said, I come up to a conclusion that you have a very colorful life.

  4. I agree with the balance. My husband and I definitely have completely opposite takes on things - but I think it benefits the kids tremendously.

    I don't have any in college yet, but I have one in the Marine Corps. In a few weeks, he'll be moving into off base housing with his new wife. I'm looking forward to it because I think it is going to be a rude awakening for him. I just hope he learned well enough from me!


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    P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!

    ♥ xoxo

  5. Semper fi! My nephew is in Pensacola and we're so proud. It was such a great experience for him that his brother heads out to Parris Island soon.
    We'll get through all this together!

  6. We're not anywhere near college preparations, but I'll keep all of this in mind!
    Gina from vB

  7. Long way to go till college but these convos remind me of my time in college and postgrad :)
    Janie via vB